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Pets Before adopting an Australian Shepherd, there are some things you should be aware of and take into consideration first. Deciding whether this breed will suit your family or lifestyle should not be taken lightly. Its extremely important to be thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable of this breed before you take them home. This breed is very energetic, athletic, extremely intelligent and independent dog which requires excessive amounts of commitment on the owner, in terms of time and responsibility. If this is something youre limited to, then this breed is not for you. Delving into this dogs characteristics, psychological behavior and learning how to communicate properly with them, the ultimate reward can be gratifying. The key is, if you bring your dog up busy, well socialized with other people and dogs, as well as properly trained, the Shepherd dog breeds can be absolute joy to have as a family pet. The Australian Shepherd is well matched to an owner or family that is active and energetic in life and, who will give them firm guidance. Theyre definitely not for first time dog owners or inexperienced ones. Experience is essential as without a strong working knowledge of Shepherds psychology and communication, they will be an absolute handful. They are quite demanding dogs and as working dogs they are instinctive to herd things by poking barking, nudging and nipping, which may interfere with normal family life. But with the right training most of these behavioral issues can be reduced. Australian Shepherds are extremely affectionate with their family and bond very well to their owners. Much like babies, they are inclined to have separation issues, which is distressing for the dog and owner. To be a suitable owner youll need to spend a lot of time with them, they do not like being alone for more than just a few hours. They are not the type of dog you can just keep outside; they like to be with their family at all times. If you work all day and leave him in the yard by himself, they will cause much havoc. So if you have the right mind set to train, guide, spend time with them for the majority of each day and hold the commitment that is needed for owning an Australian Shepherd, then having one as part of your family will give them the added security, trust and love they require in order to have a happy and healthy life for them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: