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4 year old baby children’s swimming pool drowned, security alarm woke up before the maternal parents – Sohu, who lives in Tianhe District Bao’s couples with 4 year old daughter Xiao Xiao (a pseudonym) and 2 year old son to the children in the park Luhu park. "At that time, my mother went shopping, and I took my daughter and son in the swimming pool. Probably played for half an hour, the son is not accustomed to the pool, I hold him to stand up, a look back, his daughter disappeared." The child’s father said that the children in the swimming pool were all in their bathing suits. It seemed that he had not found his daughter in the pool for a few minutes. After watching the monitor found that he was looking for a child with the child’s route is the opposite direction; Xiao Xiao ashore, to about 100 meters deep water area. At that time, the monitoring showed that the iron gate between the shallow water and the deep water area did not turn off. Xiao Xiao went in. About 10 minutes later, the public will be swimming in the deep water area children picked up from the water, when the child has purple lips, stomach bloated. "When I took the child, she was dead." The child’s father said, the child was sent to hospital for an hour after the announcement of the dead, the medical certificate of death (inferred) book shows that the child died of drowning. It is understood that Xiao Xiao is about 1.1 meters tall, shallow water depth of about half a meter, and the water deep water area 1.5 ~ 1.7 meters. Reporters on the scene saw the shallow water and deep water area has a slope connected, there are iron fence separated. Have an iron gate on the shore, affixed the reminder "children under 1.4 meters without your parents may not have deep water and deep water. Parents accompany children through the deep water area and the water, please take care of the safety of the child." The child’s father believes that when the incident did not close the iron gate, the child did not find the drowning in the deep water rescue and other problems show that children’s paradise mismanagement. In this regard, the person in charge of the pool Le Guangzhou Parkway Amusement Park Co. Ltd., Mr. Zhang said, the pool has been closed for business, the relevant departments are investigating. For the iron gate does not lock the problem, the person in charge of the swimming pool responded that the iron gate lock for many years; as lifeguards, was not the family members said there was no lifeguard presence. The pool usually has five lifeguards, four in a fixed position, one responsible for patrol." The person in charge of the swimming pool said, at that time, more people, did not find the child fell into the water, but when the child was picked up, monitoring shows that the lifeguard ran across from the rescue. This statement has been Luhu park official Minister Wu confirmed that "at Luhu park is also the first time in evacuation. There are lifeguards on the scene to take emergency measures for children. As a children’s playground supervisor, after the accident, we immediately set up a leading group to deal with the accident, to assist the public security organs investigation, supervise the park contractor properly handle the aftermath of the accident, and the children’s Park to suspend business for rectification, to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of Park facilities." Source: Guangzhou daily [Sohu] remind maternal and child safety regardless of right and wrong, we regret that a life lost at the same time, also sounded the alarm for parents! Measures to prevent drowning in children: 1.相关的主题文章: