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20 million pixels front double perturbation! You can take the effect of self – mobile phone SLR HUAWEI P9 Leica dual technology Sohu since taken an instant fame, dual camera swept the entire mobile phone ring. The flagship have blessing, shoot out virtual background is good! But! Self timer family is not happy, and the rear dual camera, the self completely useless ah! In line with this big pain point, deep into the people’s blue factory vivo. Today launched a new flagship X9 X9 Plus. And rumors, the biggest highlight of this phone, front dual camera! Yes, front 2000W + 800W pixel dual cameras! 2000W pixel sensor, the greater the sensitivity area, the lower the brightness of the screen brightness higher. 0.95-16 has an equivalent aperture, self background is too messy? The aperture with a tune, bokeh out Jiuhaola ~ 800W pixel sensor can accurately measure the depth of field, combined with the background of virtual algorithm, hierarchical ~ can also be after the first camera focus point, which is clear. If the night light dark, and soft lights for mobile phone beauty, very gentleman is deep. Both men and women, pat is a makeup sexy bitch · · · X9 intellectual beauty can identify 2 sex, two kinds of beauty for men and women, not simply rude dermabrasion whitening. Two proofs look down self bokeh effect is not great! Best not to say the best camera, self timer X9 phone is definitely called! Rear camera, X9 X9Plus using a single camera. 12.8 of the 16 million pixel sensor, support PDAF fast focus, the integration of the general mode of the night scene, HDR, AIS electronic anti shake, reducing the complexity of back and forth to switch. X9 also joined the Photo+ function. Save 1.5 seconds before and after the short video camera, similar to the iPhone livephoto function. In addition to take a good look at the X9 X9 Plus Yan value is not low ~ true · ultra narrow frame, white edge + black edge only 1.59mm, very touching control! The fifth generation Corelle gorilla glass, touch more comfortable, wear resistance and scratch. Integrated aluminum alloy body, the top and bottom of the U antenna design. Look behind the other, that is iPhone Logo erase! Configuration, X9 14nm 625 Xiaolong eight processor. X9 Plus uses the A72 architecture Xiaolong 653 eight core processor, even without the use of Xiaolong 821 and 820 are not..! But for self love young artists, should not care allocation… Fortunately, there is a large battery and fast charge, enough you take half of the old HiFi as vivo has been the masterpiece is still blessing. In addition, X9Plus and double sound chamber design, better put two outside. Shoot相关的主题文章: