10 year old boy swallowed 12 nail parents said 5 students was forced to swallow the Sohu news sorpack

10 year old boy swallowed 12 nail parents said 5 students was forced to swallow the Sohu news? September 21st, Hunan Children’s Hospital, Xiaowen (a pseudonym) lying in bed infusion. Photo reporter Hua sword? X – ray shows, there are more than and 10 small nail body. Nails and toothpicks? Small swallow contrast. In September 19th, two in the afternoon, the 57 year old Li Lianshen received a grandson Xiaowen (a pseudonym) the teacher call, asked her to go to school. At first, Li Lianshen thought that the 10 year old grandson had a fight with someone at school. However, the teacher’s words, Li Lianshen started crying on the spot, "Wen ate a nail." Even more unexpected is, to the hospital examination found that the stomach has 12 small nails. What is the reason, let so many nails swallowed the child? Red net Changsha September 22nd news (reporter Intern Zhang Shubo Li Yang Yao Yuchen correspondent Chen Xiaoyan) in September 21st 11 in the morning, Hunan Children’s Hospital emergency general surgery, Xiaowen father Zhou Weiping looked tired, that son swallowed "nail", he rushed to Dongguan from the car to the hospital to see Changsha, to shoot the film, just know son swallowed 12 nails. The 57 year old Li Lianshen is my grandma, who lives in Loudi, Lianyuan, son and daughter working outside, her grandchildren at home. Originally a small living with his parents at the age of 6, returned home to school, with the grandparents. "Small usually in the school more mischievous, often quarrel with classmates." Li Lianshen said, for this reason, she has been called to school teacher. More than two o’clock in the afternoon on September 19th, Li Lianshen received a call from the teacher in charge of Shaw’s teacher, she went to school. "I thought I was fighting with my classmates, so I went straight to school." Rushed to the school after the teacher said, Xiao Xiaowen had a nail, heard these words, Li Lianshen cried on the spot. Then, the teacher to accompany her to the hospital to xiaowen. In the local hospital examination, doctors found that more than one nail Xiaowen’s belly, from the film situation more than and 10. This surprised the people present. Aware of the problem is serious, Li Lianshen hurriedly to work outside the son of Zhou Weiping made a phone call. The early morning of September 20th, Xiaowen referral to Hunan Children’s Hospital 8 point 21 in the morning, the hospital again in the film, display all nails Xiaowen stick into a group, "iron magnetic, has pulled together." 35 year old Zhou Weiping said that he worked in Dongguan for two years, usually rarely go home, only in the new year, will go home to see the child. See his son lying on the bed, his face distressed. Zhou Weiping said that at first he did not believe the son swallowed nails, to the hospital, the hospital to see the photo, he was startled. Children’s hospital emergency department physicians of the comprehensive Jiabing said, after X ray, 12 nail Xiaowen intestinal position, each about 3.5 centimeters long, the head is very sharp. Now the conservative treatment, can see the nails out in the film to determine iron every day.相关的主题文章: