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The winter let the body 10 traps – slowly fat Sohu winter, recently the weather is getting cold, the body energy reserves, imperceptibly appetite good, fat also quietly gathered in the body, behind the seasons hides a dangerous fat trap. A cold weather is full of traps sooner or later, so many people have lost the courage of outdoor exercise. The original regular swimming habits, but also because the water cools, change clothes trouble and quiet. Across the trap: doing indoor sports exercise habit? We must insist, weekly exercise 4 days, only 20-30 minutes a day, you can improve your body at any time The new supersedes the old. rate, you don’t have to worry about getting fat. 1, watch TV and shake the hula Hula Hoop: per kilogram per hour can consume about 5 calories, with 45 kg of body weight, for example, an hour about the consumption of 45 (kg) *5 calories =225 calories, and in time will become the waist sections. 2, take a roll of aerobics video dance: according to various parts of the body strong body curve movement, simple and no space limitations, per kilogram of calories consumed per hour 4.2-5.7. 3, climb the stairs, climb the stairs to and fro, can increase heart and lung function, consumption of calories per kilogram per hour is even more alarming, 10-18 kcal. 4, skipping: even primary school students will exercise, consumption per kilogram per hour 10-15 calories. Trap two days later, the corresponding reduction in the temperature of the bathroom, hot water in the bathtub will soon be cool, so hastily washed up. Across the trap: prior to doing warm-up exercises. You can start doing some warm-up exercises before entering the bathroom (about 3-5 minutes), let the body hot up, blood circulation, The new supersedes the old. also started, then soak in a hot bath would not be difficult to adapt to all of a sudden. The bath temperature is not too high to start, in the water below the chest. (you can put cold towel on the shoulder), gradually increase the water temperature and water. Remember in the bathtub by doing a little exercise, body massage and so on, doing sports will thin is very effective in the bathtub. Trap three clothes a day more than a day, wear in the body occasionally feel a little tight, change a loose point is, from their own line more and more do not care. Across the trap: don’t let myself into a "sight" habit, it is a kind of self deception, you will not be compared, gradually lose vigilance. I suggest you sooner or later develop weighing habits from now on, one week Liangyi times of each part of the body size, change in order to grasp exactly the body curve. Usually wear a tight fitting clothes, trousers knew their fat, otherwise the next summer you find all night, it was too late to regret. Trap four many people have the summer to eat "guxia" experience, the temperature decreased, appetite, and street food smell, then open the "food ring", was not interested in food such as fried chicken can not help but want to dig into. Across the trap: really want to eat fried chicken, you have to reduce the amount of fat per meal相关的主题文章: