53Cable is VR’s biggest enemy HTC vive will push the wireless version|Cable is VR’s biggest enemy HTC vive will push the wireless version7

VR cable is the biggest enemy of HTC Vive will push the wireless version of almost all experienced HTC Vive who will be consistent obsession in the side of the winding cable, they are very vulnerable to the foot of the move, if turn up, the slightest mistake is likely to be tripping. As the current VR PC system on the largest platform, Valve also began to launch an attack on the cable. They are working with Quark VR, to build a Wi-Fi implementation using a head mounted display and PC transmission HTC Vive system. The core idea of this system is to insert a small enough wireless transceiver between HTC Vive and PC users, as long as the transceiver is worn on the body or in his pockets, and then use the connecting line head mounted display and a transceiver connected, Wi-Fi network and PC HTC Vive then can pass the room for transmission. Although the improved version of the program is not completely wireless, but at least not foot around the circle of "spider web" hamper the action. But there is one thing that is not reassuring is that whether the throughput capacity of Wi-Fi to meet the real-time picture + input transmission requirements of VR, the fastest wireless network, the fastest we can use 802.11ac WLAN, but also depending on the number of antennas and power to determine the transmission rate, even to achieve the ideal of 1300Mbps that connection is stable, and the increase of delay is unavoidable. Valve and Quark VR are expected to develop prototype will complete wireless version of the HTC Vive in the fall, the practical application and enter the market is certainly a matter of next year.

31SAIC Volkswagen’s first large SUV guess four – Sohu car|SAIC Volkswagen’s first large SUV guess four – Sohu car6

SAIC Volkswagen’s first large SUV guess four – Sohu SAIC Volkswagen to a new car! Or the new 7 seat SUV! What is called? Is called Teramont, G-SUV, or SAIC Volkswagen’s first large SUV? No matter how we call it, the main character we describe is it! To learn more about the new car purchase information and test data, please add WeChat public number: testcar. When SUV is 7, a time to let people put aside the contrast with the Highlander and sharp boundary, but it seems not so, judging from the currently known information, we on this internal code named G-SUV have more conjecture. Who is competing? The car can be seen as a domestic version of popular Atlas, length width height reached 50391989 1773mm, 2980mm long wheelbase, this size has exceeded the Volkswagen Touareg, even put it in front of his brother Audi Q7 favorably, and it is indeed a large 7 seat SUV. In such a tall posture and Highlander, sharp competition is a loss of identity, and cross level competition is not the idea from his car factory, so at present, the core competitive models only Ford explorer, and the extension of competing products category, Buick enclave, infina Kennedy QX60 also meet the conditions, but their price only 500 thousand yuan + standard high G-SUV. How about the price? Competing products, in addition to similar size, price is one of the key factors. Compared to pure imported Ford explorer’s identity and the price of 44.98-63.98 million yuan, the new car is the biggest advantage of Volkswagen lies in its localization, the car will be located in the Ningbo plant two production in Volkswagen, MQB and transverse precursor modular platform so that the advantages of sharing parts greatly increased, with a greater initiative the cost control and price adjustment for the day after. 2.0T and 2.5T power so that the price range of the new car pulled more open, the lowest price can also be a corresponding sink. But don’t forget to Volkswagen Hui ang price, because the price for Volkswagen’s first large-scale SUV "more reference, so we suspect that the new SUV will be priced at around 38-65 million, of course, if you want to use 2.0T models then pulled sales from the sale price of 349 thousand and 800 yuan, or 369 thousand and 800 yuan is if possible, more want to pursue high force, then the starting price of 399 thousand and 800 yuan is the best choice. Power and configuration? From the known information, the new car will be equipped with EA888 2.0T engine, while the higher level models will be equipped with a newly developed EA390 2.5T Volkswagen VR6 engine, and the engine parameters is as high as 220Kw and 500N? M, codenamed DQ500 7 speed wet dual clutch transmission, this kind of power reserve drag setup the quality of 2125kg SUV more than sufficient, officially declared 0-100km h in just 6.9 seconds. Main pin models to 2.0T models, I believe 2.5.